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Ice cream cone Crazy Cake

Coolest crazy cakes in Cape Town! I have to say we love this cake so much ! This was a vanilla and caramel cake covered with a pink buttercream frosting and topped with dark chocolate ganache. These Crazy Cakes are becoming a big hit!

Pink first birthday cakes

I made these two cakes for a first birthday party in Cape Town last week. The client ordered a small smash cake for the baby as well.

American cowboy crazy cake

Here is another one of Rozanne's Unique Crazy Cakes in Cape Town. This cake was a delicious white chocolate and Almond cake with a white chocolate ganache.

Makeup birthday cake

Coolest cakes in Cape Town: This Makeup cake was made for a 10 year old girl's birthday party last week in Durbanville.

Black and white gold leaf Cake

I made this pretty three tier cake for a Birthday in Philadelphia, Durbanville last weekend. The black and white striped cake tier was almond and white chocolate cake. The Gold leaf cake tier was red velvet cake and the black and white patterned cake tier was a decadent chocolate cake.

Three rustic wedding cakes

These three delicious looking (and tasting) wedding cakes was for a wedding in Stellenbosch. We made white chocolate almond, vanilla bean and dark chocolate cake.

Pink Christening Cake with blanket and Shoes

Pink Christening Cake for a Christening in Durbanville, Cape Town.

Boy Baby shower cake, biscuits and cupcakes

This Baby shower Cake, cupcakes and baby shower biscuits was for a shower in Cape Town.

Bambi Cake

This cute Bambi cake was for a birthday girl in Belville, Cape Town. It was a Amarula and white chocolate cake inside ( mostly for the adults to eat) .

Pretty red velvet cupcakes with our Gatsby pattern

These cupcakes with the buttercream frosting and fondant discs are so popular at the moment. I think it is because the cupcake has some lovely buttercream on top and just a small amount of fondant that has the design on top. These was ordered for a engagement party in Cape Town.

The Pink Gatsby inspired Cake

Fancy Birthday cakes in Cape Town! This pink "Gatsby " cake as I call it is such a popular design. You can order it and change the colours just as you prefer. This cake was a dark chocolate and orange cake for a birthday party in Stellenbosch.

Turquoise cupcakes with flowers and lace pattern

Turquoise cupcakes for a wedding cake tower  in Stellenbosch, Cape Town

Cute winnie the Pooh cake

Cute kids cakes in Cape Town, Durbanville. I love making these cute Winnie the Pooh cakes and they taste very good as well!  Order any other kids novelty cakes from Rozanne's Cakes in Durbanville.