Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Duchess

Perfect birthday cakes in Cape Town: This cakes name is The Duchess and it is a moist chocolate cake decorated with smooth white chocolate dripping over vanilla buttercream frosting.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Another crazy but classy Crazy Cake here at Rozannes Cakes last week. I just love the cupcake on top! This cake is 22cm cake and easily serves 25 guests.

Favourite things Crazy Cake

This is a cool Crazy Cake for a 40 year old birthday party. The cake had to reflect all of his favourite things. This cake is 22cm and 18cm high and easily serves 30 guests.

Cute and pretty pink Crazy Cake

This is the 16cm Crazy Cake that serves easily 15 guests. This cutie was for a birthday in Cape Town last week.

Chocolate cupcakes

Moist chocolate cupcakes. We make the best chocolate cupcakes in Durbanville, Cape Town

Red velvet cupcakes

Our lovely red velvet cupcakes with creamed cheese frosting. We make the best cupcakes in Durbanville Cape Town

Sushi Cake

Sushi Cake for a birthday in Cape Town last week.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Makeup biscuits

Love love love these cute makeup biscuits.

Farm Animal Crazy Cake

I made this cute farm animal birthday cake for a little boy who turned three last week in Cape Town. Everything on the cake is edible!

Blue Velvet wedding cake

I made this Rustic blue velvet wedding cake for a wedding at  Bakenhof wine estate in Wellington.

Red Leatt inspired Crazy Cake.

I made this Crazy Cake for the boss at Leatt company in Cape Town. Dont you just love the red chocolate dripping down!

Chocolate mousse and caramel cake

This cake is divine ! It is a Chocolate mousse cake with a layer of caramel in between and topped with ganache.

African inspired cake

This African inspired cake was a Amarula and white chocolate cake.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Cat Crazy Cake for a first birthday

I find myself making more and more of these cool Crazy Cakes as I call them. They are so fun to make and to look at, ( not to mention how great the taste)!

White chocolate drip cake with roses

This white chocolate drip cake was a cherry and white chocolate cake for a birthday party in Cape Town. Here at Rozanne's Cakes we try to make the best chocolate drip cakes in Cape Town!