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Fly fishing cake

 Birthday cakes Stellenbosch: How adorable is this fly fishing cake for a guy?! I had so much fun making the cake! And...yes it's going to taste fabulous as all my  cakes  does.

Gypsy caravan cake

I made this cake for   Ideas Magazine 's July 2012 issue. They created a gypsy party for  kids  and had a exciting photo shoot with lovely gypsy ideas! This was a chocolate cake with butter cream icing. You can order a cake like this from me or you can buy Ideas Magazine's July issue and make it yourself.

Cupcakes in a cup

Ok! Once cute are these?! I bought these cup baking moulds from @home recently. They are made from silicone and you bake your  cupcake   in them. Afterwards you ice the cupcake ( in the mould) in serve them at your high tea!