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Chocolate orange cake - R 680

Durbanville Cakes to order: This orange chocolate cake is only 12cm tall but 26cm wide. We try to make the best cakes in Durbanville.

Extra tall toffee drip cake - R720

Cape Town, durbanville cakes: This 28cm cake was an extra tall lovely chocolate cake for a birthday in Durbanville.

Watermelon Cake - R680

Cool watermelon cake. The cake was 22cm and a lovely red velvet flavor inside. Durbanville cakes to order.

Baby shower babygrow biscuits - R20 each

Cutest baby shower biscuits for a baby boy. Baby shower biscuits Cape Town.

Black and print wedding cake - R 3560

This is a stunning wedding cake for a wedding at forest winery road Stellenbosch.